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Monday, 7 September 2009

1. Request

Given that intents are on the same wavelength as here:

Please post any link to any media you would like included here.

Please share your comments.

Pick out and highlight any media you find worthy from the bar that is not yet showcased here.

If you feel to that is, and Thank You if so.


More from LCondorkogi
In 2006 did my first short of Kogi, Last name...Prophecy, Last Message with my cuz here in Bakata...we re-edited, but the first draft is wroth the view. Has interview with Bob Isherwood and original BBC Kogi film.

Find more videos like this on World Viewz


Preview of our film with the Late Thomas Hopi elder and Gabriel Alimako Kogi Mama. LCondorKogi


We went to the Condor Lookout Point, to "fly" with the Condors during our Healing & Vision Quest to Peru. But the Condors weren't flying. Our shaman, don Victor made some prayers and chants. He called. The condors answered! Antonia Martinez June 21, 2008


Kogi Mamas share more of Prophecy near Sacred Rock in Sogamoso


Beyond the "Social Mirror"
July 11, 2007

Peruvian shaman and mystic Don Americo Yabar reflecting about our involvement in 'social mirrors'...and the possibility of stepping through the 'infinite mirror of the cosmos'.


Voyage into the next dimension A German production with English voice-over this movie shows the various voyages to spirit healer around the world including interviews with healed patience.